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We are proud to provide the next level of personal defense training.  Our method of instruction is based on, creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and conducive to understanding firearm(s) both on and off the range.  The majority of people who are legally able, will likely purchase a weapon for home and or self defense.  However, statically, that responsible licensed gun owner will almost never seek additional adequate instruction.  There are many reasons why training may not be a priority, some individuals might feel intimidated or may simply lack the basic skills to pursue further appropriate gun handling techniques.  Overwatch Corp was founded with the intention, to address and over come these particular issues.  We believe that, owning a firearm is a great responsibility, with equally great consequences, if not secured, maintained or deployed properly.

With almost three decades of firearms knowledge, training and instructional skills, we are able to help dispel the complexities of firearm ownership.  Our Instructor(s) are former law enforcement officers who have worked for several law enforcement agencies such as; United States department of Justice, Sheriff’s Departments and the judicial system.  These instructors are also seasoned operator(s) who have worked on special operations teams and have instructed the department of Homeland Security with tactical training.

Regardless, if you are a new gun owner or an experienced shooter, the dynamic of firearm(s) manipulation and function is always changing.  Overwatch Corp. provides one on one or group training.